How much is a gram of thca worth?

THCA diamonds are some of the most expensive cannabinoid products due to their high quality. Have you ever been to Costco? People who go there swear by it. If you just look at the THCA value, you might think that it has 22.32% THC. If you add the THC value to that, you might think that this strain has 24.74% THC.

None of these values are correct. Regardless of how they're sold, diamonds will always be somewhat pure THCA products, whether they come with terpene sauce or are sold alone as isolated THCA. To obtain a real potency value, you must consider both THCA and THC, but with a correction factor for THCA before adding THC. THCA diamonds are crystal structures composed of pure THCA that result from a couple of different extraction methods, including “diamond mining” (more on that later) and the isolation of refined petroleum.