What is the shelf life of thca products purchased online?

Cannabis expiration dates largely depend on the type of product you consume. Marijuana can last a long time, months or even years, but keep in mind these general expiration date guidelines for each cannabis product you buy. All cannabis products that are legally sold in dispensaries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania come with product packaging and labels that allow the purchaser to know what the product is, the doses, quantity and potency, and include storage information, expiration dates and warning labels. In New Jersey, cannabis dispensaries are also required to provide detailed laboratory test results to anyone who requests them.

For new and occasional cannabis users, there are only a few parts of the label that will be relevant, especially when deciding which products to buy in the future. A product is often advertised as containing a certain amount of THC on the online dispensary menu, but it appears as THCA on the product label. The shelf life of a THC-O product varies depending on the type of product and also depends on different manufacturing factors. In all calculations, a conversion factor of 0.877 was used to account for the difference in molecular weight between THCA and THCD; the measured value of THCA was multiplied by the conversion factor for all the calculations in this publication.

In most cases, a good THC-O manufacturer will use non-perishable ingredients designed to keep the product fresh for as long as possible, but you should definitely pay attention to the additional ingredients when determining how to store a particular product.