Is thca better than delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is obtained from THCA, but unlike THCA, THC delta 8 is not in acid form. THC Delta 8 is psychoactive, while THCA is not. In the case of THC delta 8 versus THCA, opt for THCA if you don't want to get high. THCa is natural, while Delta 8 is typically semisynthetic.

All cannabis plants naturally produce THCa as a by-product of their growth. The most important thing to remember about THCA versus Delta-8 is that THCA has no psychoactive effect, while Delta-8 THC does. Cannabis users enjoy THCA diamonds in many different ways, such as grinding them into THCA powder and adding it to a flower or infusing it into their favorite pastry recipe. THCA is the acid form of THC; when exposed to heat, it eliminates the acidic carboxyl group transforming THCA into pure THC.