What is considered a high thca percentage?

With a lab result, you could get three THC potency readings depending on how you read it, but only one method is reasonable. Let's consider a made-up laboratory result from Hypothetical OG that used LC, let's say it has 22.32 percent by mass of THCA and 2.41 percent by mass of THC (active THC). Don't be scared if you read that the THC level is low or around 1%. Most plants have a lot of THCa, which needs to be decarboxylated, but not much THC.

This means that you're likely to see THCA rates of up to 20% or more. With the growing consumer interest in THCA, you may be able to find specially formulated extracts of this acidic cannabinoid, such as edibles and tinctures. What is a high THCA percentage? The same as a high percentage of THC, between 20 and 30%. To obtain a real potency value, you must consider both THCA and THC, but with a correction factor for THCA before adding THC.

However, product labels such as edibles and oils actually show the actual amount of THC that the product contains, since the THCA in the extract has already been converted to active THC. Decarboxylation can occur naturally when raw cannabis is exposed to light and heat or artificially when smoking, vaping, or applying THCA products. The main difference between THCA and THC is that THCA does not have the same psychoactive properties as THC. In the case of THCA products, such as raw cannabis and the buds of your favorite cannabis strain, you need to learn to read product labels.

Although they may not know the exact percentage of THCA, they may know the approximate percentage depending on the specific cannabis strain in the product. With products such as distillates, concentrates, and tinctures, THCA is generally activated during the manufacturing process. While there are some theories that suggest that the human digestive system can convert THCA to THC, you're unlikely to feel significant effects from consuming THCA this way. Let's say that the product you want to buy at a dispensary does not indicate the percentage of THCA.

Since THCA is relatively new to the cannabis industry, there are quite a few THCA products available on the market, the most common of which are THCA-containing cannabis buds and raw cannabis. In fact, if you want to get the psychoactive effects of marijuana, you need to decarbonize the THCA product you're consuming. When buying different marijuana products, it's crucial to know the percentage of THC and THCA that the products contain.